What’s So Fun About Being A Parent?

By Sara Buechler

You always hear the horrors about being a parent: the sleepless nights, the mess everywhere, the smells. Seems like a battle cooking what your kid likes, arguing with them to get in the shower or go to bed and not having one moment to yourself – unless you manage to get a break and go to the grocery store by yourself. But what are the fun parts about being a parent?

First, you have this tiny human who you get to witness numerous firsts such as the first time they walk or talk. Then you get to watch them grow up to become an actual person, who you know you had a hand in creating as an individual person! Then they’ll get older and start participating in sports and winning awards in school, and you get ultimate bragging rights. You get to brag to friends, family members, and the woman you just met in Target about how your daughter won first place in her Spanish competition.

As they grow, you get to introduce them to new things and take them on new adventures, such as their first trip to Disney World or their first concert and seeing their faces light up with joy is a feeling like no other. It’s almost like you’re doing everything for the first time again, but with your kids. You are creating memories with them that the both of you will never forget.

Finally, there’s the mundane moments where you’re just having ice cream and you look up and see your kid with ice cream up to his or her ears. Or it’s the comments they make that are so ridiculous you can’t help but find it hilarious. It’s a wonderful joy and fun to see your kids grow up and eventually get to a point where they’re no longer children but become more a friend. And when you see them taking on life and making good decisions, you know you did something right.


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