Power Parent: Stacie Allen

By Giggle Magazine

Photos by Sincerely Gone Photography

Program Director, UF Health ShandsCair/ARNP

Wife to CHRISTOPHER, mommy to STEPSONS Todd (23) AND Thomas “Blake” (21), AND DAUGHTERS Camden Leigh (7) and Tristyn Mackenzie (5)

To say that a typical day for Staccie Allen is busy would be a vast understatement. Aside from being the program director for the ShandsCair flight program (a time consuming job in and of itself), Staccie is also pursuing a doctorate at UF and raising two young children! Although she has a lot on her plate, Staccie keeps work, school and family time balanced by scheduling her days in advance and with the support of her husband Christopher.

What does your typical workday look like?

I wake up early regardless of what time I went to sleep the night before (before 0600) so I can get ready for work, get the younger kids ready and fed, reset backpacks, lunch boxes and after school activity bags, and get the kids out the door on time for school (biggest challenge every morning regardless of how early I rise). Then I drive to work, multi-tasking on the way — usually phone calls or dictation email responses. I also address program operational factors from the night before, reprioritize my schedule for the day, grab yogurt and caffeine on the way in, and arrive at work 0800. At work I’ll have multiple meetings, conference calls, rounding with staff and contract negotiations, as well as operational management and, at times, staffing clinically. I leave work at 1645ish, still finishing tasks via cellphone, and drive to pick up the girls from EDEP before taking them to their activities (gymnastics, dance, etc.). My daughters actually go to two different gymnastic gyms — crazy right? I get everyone home around 1845, have dinner (usually cooked by my incredible husband) and then it is time for homework (lots of it) and extra reading. Then we follow our nighttime routine (showers) before the kids go to bed. And then I work on my schoolwork … because I am enrolled in a doctorate program at UF!

How do you balance work life and family life?

With a colorful, rotating refrigerator schedule that corresponds to CalenGoo on our smartphones. We seriously would be lost without these road maps. They help keep the family up to date on daily activities. Sometimes just stopping what I am doing and shifting attention to the person or thing that needs my attention at that moment helps, too. Reprioritization, multi-tasking and efficient completions are MUSTS!

What advice would you give other working parents?

No matter how much you want to advance in your career, do not make repetitive decisions that continually sacrifice your time with your spouse or family. You will miss out, and may not get a second chance. It takes constant balance, reprioritization and open communication. Do not take others and their love and patience for granted. You will likely not accomplish everything on your list each day… and that’s OK!

What sacrifices/compromises have you had to make?

I have had to miss time with my spouse and family on the weekends and during the week, which can mean missing special family moments or events. I’ve also had to spend holidays away from my family.

When and how do you make time for yourself?

Pedicures and massages! My two go-to treats for myself! So grateful to my husband as he makes it possible for me to go and do these things later in the evenings.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My parents and grandparents. They taught me from a very early age that a strong work ethic, higher education and passion would be what I needed to succeed in life. Along the way, I have also learned that love and trust are equally important.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My husband, Christopher. I couldn’t accomplish half of what I have without his unwavering and unconditional support and encouragement! He is truly an amazing partner and father! I never have to worry for a second that our family is in incredible hands, and he makes it a priority to include me in special family moments even though I may not be there in person. Also, my family, my stepsons, both my mother and her husband Larry, and Chris’ parents, Linda and Larry, have been incredibly supportive. They are always willing to lend a hand with the kids, or anything else our family may need.

Finish this sentence: I hope that I have taught my children … love and kindness.

What is your go-to breakfast?

Yogurt with granola and caffeine!

What is your coffee order?

I’m not a big coffee drinker — soda generation!

What is your must-have work tech item?

My cellphone and iPad.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

To stop time … because there are never enough hours in the day!

Which TV character most resembles you? Why?

What is TV? LOL

If you had a day all to yourself and money was not a factor, what would you do?

Sleep! Or travel somewhere, but not have a preset agenda.

What are 4 things you must have at work?

➊ My cellphone! I live with it!

➋ Internet access!

➌ My workbag, which contains just about everything I need to switch roles expeditiously.

➍ A favorite pen.