Gainesville OBGYN

Gainesville, FL 32605
Pregnancy & Baby

At Gainesville OBGYN, we provide...

  • Excellence in Medical & Surgical Care of women, from adolescence through the lifespan, exceeding the current standard of care in the practice of evidence-based medicine; to be the standard-setting practice in this region for quality
  • Excellence in customer service at all points of contact for our patients : telephone, web contact, in-office personal experiences, and following-up
  • Comprehensive on-site healthcare services for our patients, to optimize health prevention and health outcomes, and to provide the most convenient medical office procedures and services in North Central Florida
  • To be a community leader in outreach locally, nationally, and globally for health services and populations in need, as well as to be a leader in providing information resources to put patients in charge of their health.
  • To support our patients & staff holistically: physically, spiritually and mentally as individuals and as partners in their relationships
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