Healthy Start of North Central Florida

Gainesville, FL 32606
Pregnancy & Baby

Healthy Start is a non-profit organization committed to improving the health of pregnant women and babies. In addition to prenatal and infant care coordination and home visiting services, we also provide the following services free of charge:

- Breastfeeding Education & Support: These services encourage the start and continuation of breastfeeding soon after giving birth, and provide support and guidance to prevent breastfeeding problems.

- Parenting Education & Support: Healthy Start provides information related to the care of newborns, infants and children to support healthy family development.

- Childbirth Education: These classes provide information to pregnant women and their families to assure a positive birth experience.

- Tobacco Education & Cessation: Healthy Start provides education and support to help pregnant women and families quit smoking to reduce the negative impact of tobacco smoke on infants and young children.

- Psychosocial Counseling: These services, provided in a confidential setting, help individuals, families and couples reduce stress, improve well-being and enhance coping skills.

- Interconceptional Education & Counseling (ICE): Healthy Start ICE services provide information on maternal health, access to health care, baby spacing, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, substance abuse and other factors that impact a woman's future pregnancies.

- Nutrition Counseling: Healthy Start assists participants in making informed health decisions affecting their nutrition status.

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