Rainy Day Activities

By Giggle Magazine

By Isabella Sorresso

Gainesville has been nicknamed “Rainesville” for a reason. During the summer months, Florida typically sticks to a weather pattern of being sunny in the morning, raining for a few hours midday and then going back to sunny and humid until nighttime. That does not generally bother work schedules, but for kids on summer break it limits the time they can be out in the sun and having fun! If you are looking for some indoor activities you can do to make the most of this summer, we have some ideas!


Gainesville is lucky enough to have several museums in one town, so take advantage of that on rainy days this summer! Almost all of the exhibits are inside to provide a fun activity away from the rain!

Trampoline Park

Take your little one to a trampoline park and let them jump around and blow off some steam as long as they want in an environment where it is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Board Games

Though kids might think board games are too old-fashioned at first, you would be surprised how quickly they get hooked. It is also perfect for those times when the power goes out.

Baking Cookies

Baking with your little ones is a cheap activity that will not only occupy them for a little while, but also give them a reward for their hard work!

Go to the Movies

Movies might only be about one to two hours long, but often times Florida’s downpours are short-lived anyway. Wait out the rain and see something new at the box office all in one.


Going to the bowling alley is the perfect solution to playdates gone wrong when a storm hits.

Rock climbing

Ride out the storm and get rid of some of pent up energy while learning a fun new skill!