Save Our Oceans By Using Reef Friendly Sunscreen

By Brooke Avedon

New research shows that sunscreens contain chemicals that contribute to the bleaching of coral reefs. Hawaii passed a bill that went into effect in January 2021 that bans any sunscreen washed off in the ocean that can be potentially dangerous for our coral reefs. About 14,000 tons of sunscreen is deposited annually in oceans, with the most damage in Hawaii and the Caribbean.

While not harmful for human, sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, have been shown to cause damage to coral reefs. There has been talk about banning certain sunscreens in Florida, but nothing is in action. With concern for the damaging chemical effect on reefs in the Florida Keys, there are ways to be cautious of the big blue and its wonders.

If you are headed to the beach,  we have your guide to safe, environmentally friendly sunscreens!

The Australian founder, Tony Palmer, grew up surrounded by ocean and sunshine enthusiasts. He teamed up with surf friends and professionals to create TropicSport. The brand was designed to withstand extreme water sports, while still keeping in mind our fragile reefs.

Raw Elements
This product was made by a lifeguard, an ocean fanatic and an aficionado of environmental safety. Raw Elements is Raw Products Associated Certified with certified natural and organic ingredients.

All Good Sunscreen
All things good is the motto! This company really strives to formulate its products to be able to heal people. Products like sore muscle recovery spray and chemical-free zinc sunscreens are healthy products for people of all ages. Even the packaging contains a large percent of recycled material.

Manda Sunscreen
Manda focuses on a natural cosmetic, Thanaka that is derived from the wood of a small tree in Myanmar. The company claims it is one of the most ecological solution because of its reformative nature and high in Vitamin E. Natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter help to keep harsh chemicals out of sunscreen and out of the ocean.

Sea and Summit
A product made by an outdoor lover, has only 6 ingredients that can all be pronounced and are naturally derived. Made for men with big beards or baby’s with soft skin, it will not make skin break out.


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