Say Bye-Bye to Boring Brows With These Tips!

By Kara Winslow
bye-bye to boring brows

Your eyebrows can make or break your face. Brows give your face structure and strength, but you have to be careful! If you do them incorrectly, they can overpower your face. Say bye-bye to boring brows with these basic tips for creating the perfect brow.

1. Start by evaluating your brows.

Draw an imaginary line from the edge of your nose straight up to your eyebrow. This is where the head of your brow should start. If it starts too far away from your nose, your eyes will look far set. Too close to your nose and your eyes will look too close set.

2. All about the arch.

For the arch of the brow, make an imaginary line from the bottom of your nose through the outside color of your eye up to your brow. This is where the arch of your brow should be. If your arch is in the wrong place, you can look permanently scarred, mad or confused. Not a good look!

3. A tell tail sign.

For the tail of your brow, draw an imaginary line from the end at your nose past the corner of your eye to your brow. This is where the tail of your brow should end. The tail is what gives your face strength. If the tail isn’t long enough, it weakens the face.

4. Color me impressed.

If your hair is dark, always color in and do your brows about three shades lighter than your natural hair color. But, if they are too dark, they will overpower your face. If your hair is light, use a product that is three shades darker than your natural color.

5. Grooming is key.

A good tip is to have your eyebrows professionally shaped. It will make penciling them in easier. Waxing is one option, but many people have allergic reactions to the waxing process or the wax, and it can cause itchy bumps on the face. Threading and classic tweezing are other options. Make sure your technician measures your brows when they do them so that you end up with the perfect shape for your face. Typically, this should be done about every three weeks.

6. Shape it up.

When coloring in your eyebrows with products, create the shape of your brow. First, brush your hairs up toward your arch with a spoolie. Start with the bottom of the brow and going up, do light feathery strokes until you get to the arch. Then do light strokes, shaping the top of the brows and angle down to the tail of the brow. Fill in the center of the brow and brush through. Keep the front of the brow with a natural shape. The square, ombréd front of the brow will date you. For an added effect, you can set your brows with eyebrow gel and/ or shape them even more by outlining the edges with a bit of concealer.

Remember: Brows are sisters, NOT twins!

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Illustration by Grace Downey


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