School Supplies for the Classroom to Make Your Kiddo Shine!

By Giggle Magazine
school supplies

Students are headed back to school! While everything is a little different this year, one thing that remains is that our kiddos needs back-to-school supplies. We have put together a list of some of the hottest and most practical school supplies for your kiddos to use in the classroom! Check it out:

school supplies ruler

Fiskars Color Change Folding Ruler

$3.99, Staples


school supplies scissors

Fiskars MVP Non-stick Pointed-tip and Blunt-tip Kids Scissors

$3.74 each, Amazon


vera bradley organizer

Vera Bradley Cord Organizer



All Purpose Sneaker Wipes

$7.99/pack of 12






Stitched Notebook Set

Stitched Notebook Set

$15 for 3,


YoobiTM Pencil Case - Pink Ziggy

YoobiTM Pencil Case – Pink Ziggy

$9.99, Target


Squishy Notebook

Squishy Notebook

$12, The Bungalow


school supplies post-it notes

Post-it® Classroom Value Pack

$19.9, Target


Sharing BFF Bracelet

Sharing BFF Bracelet

$10, The Bungalow


Airpod Case

Airpod Case



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