6 STEM/STEAM Toys to Spark Your Kiddo’s Curiosity!

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

The inquisitive minds of children are a magical thing. They ask questions and lots of them. Like, “what are clouds made of?” and “how is silly string, well, really silly?” Their minds are sponges at this age and what better way to encourage their natural curiosity and love of learning than with STEM/STEAM toys. Specifically designed with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math at the center, these toys keep learning fun and engaging!

1. Air-Walker

We all know robots are our future, and what better way to prepare our youth than having them build their own four-legged bot, Air-Walker, and learn in the process.

[AGES 8+] $39.95, Thamesandkosmos.com

2. STEM ExplorersTM Geomakers

Kiddos will use geometry, critical thinking and fine motor skills while engaging and building their own 2-D and 3-D shapes.

[AGES 5+] $14.99, Amazon.com

3. Gumball Machine Maker

With lessons in physics, construction, gravity, motion and more, the Gumball Machine Maker is the perfect balance of STEM lessons and sweet fun!

[AGES 6+] $39.95, Thamesandkosmos.com

4. Moving Creations with k’nex®

Moving Creations with k’nex® Stem/Steam

Learn to apply STEM/STEAM principles just like an engineer! The step- by-step illustrated guide contains nine different builds and a travel case for on the go fun.

[AGES 8+] $39.99, Hand2mind.com

5. Kanoodle GravityTM

Like a good challenge? Take your puzzle powers to the next level. Perfect for solo play or an epic battle with a friend.

[AGES 7+] $19.99, Educationalinsights.com

6. Artie 3000TM

Artie 3000TM Stem/Steam toys

Get Creative! Your kids will learn left-brain skills like basic programming, and geometry while engaging the right side of their brains to create cool and colorful designs as they program Artie on their own for a new level of arts and crafts!

[AGES 7+] $69.99, Amazon.com

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