Stuff that Stocking!

By Renee Castro

Christmas is quickly approaching! As the 25th of December draws near, it’s time to make sure that you have everything in order for Christmas Eve. Did Santa finish all of his holiday shopping? Did the elves keep a watchful eye on the kids to make sure they were behaving well this holiday season? Everything always seems to be in order until the kids are asleep, the presents are under the tree and then you realize… you forgot to fill the stockings! This holiday season, stay calm and in the christmas budget with these easy, fun and affordable stocking stuffers!


For him:

LEGO kits are the perfect fit for the stocking. Grab one or two mini kits and slip them in when the kiddos aren’t looking.

Mini toy cars are also a great idea to stick in a stocking for a little guy who loves racing.

Action figures fit great in any stocking as well. You can even get creative and make it look like the action figure is hanging on to the side of the stocking!

For her:

Surprise Poppers is like giving the gift of excitement. With Party Pop Teenies, your kiddo will be so excited to see what surprise comes out of the popper!

A little wallet is cute place where she can put her christmas gift cards and change. A cute animal on the side is an added bonus!

For your little diva, a word bracelet is a great way to have her express her spunkiness. The array of colors and charms for each bracelet add a bit of variety.

For your teen:

Makeup is a great little gift to slip inside your teen’s stocking. It’s the perfect spot to add a little kit of lip gloss and/or nail polish.

Bath-fizzers are the perfect way to give the gift of relaxation. Pick out a cool scent with awesome colors and toss it in that stocking!

A blue raspberry gummy remote is a fun snack and gift for your teen gamer. It looks just like the real thing, but this one, you can eat!

Headphones are a nice small gift that you can slip into your teen’s stocking. Now they can listen to their favorite tunes on the go, while you listen to your own list of favorite hits!


Finding the perfect stocking stuffer might be more difficult than you think. A quick and easy trick is getting one valuable gift and dropping it in there, and then filling the stocking with your child’s favorite candies and maybe even some fuzzy socks! Happy stuffing!