Holiday Budgeting

7 Tips for Holiday Budgeting

To Scrooge or not to Scrooge? That is the question. The holidays are a season of giving, which also means it’s the season of spending. Buying the perfect gift for everyone can force you to spend more than you can afford, stripping the joy from giving. Santa may do it, but you don’t have to.

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How to Teach Your Teen Financial Responsibility

As your teen gets closer and closer to leaving the nest, it is important that he have a firm grasp on finances. However, teaching your teen financial responsibility is much easier said than done! According to Piper Jaffray’s Fall 2017 “Taking Stock with Teens” report, teens spend the most money on food, followed closely by

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Teen Cha-Ching: Help Your Child Learn About Investing!

Money talks and teens are listening! The stock market, investing, trading, shares — these are all terms floating around the minds of today’s teens. While these things all might seem a little confusing to even the most educated parents, there are many apps and other resources for teens and parents to use to learn all about investing! First things first,

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Homeschooling and Scouting: An Inexpensive Curriculum Even for Non-Scouts

No one loves a good deal quite like a homeschooler. Perhaps it’s because so many of us are single-income families, entrepreneurs, or want to turn everything into a learning opportunity, but we tend to jump at low-cost, high-quality curricular options. When we started homeschooling, scouting was an obvious place to turn. WHAT ARE SCOUTING MERIT BADGES?

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Birthday Party

Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party Without Breaking the Bank

We completely understand the struggle of planning and executing a fun kid's birthday party on a budget. Thankfully, limited funds do not have to mean limited fun! There are lots of ways to cut back on cost, while still providing great memories for your kids. The most important thing to remember is that no one

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