winter-proof gardens

Weeding Out the Weather: A Guide to Winter-Proof Gardens

While a Florida winter feels like a summer vacation in comparison to neighboring states, you don’t want a wilting winter wonderland. Plants freeze in some parts of North Central Florida if temperatures drop enough. Proper care makes all the difference for winter-proof gardens to survive and thrive during a cold snap. Prep your plants Although

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Snot Cheat Sheet: Understanding Mucus

When it comes to raising children, parents wear many hats. On any given day, you can be a chef, chauffeur, maid, therapist, nurse, teacher and last but not least, snot checker. That’s right, one of the many joys of parenting is being able to know if your kiddo’s snot (or mucus) looks normal – lucky

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Natural Remedies for Illnesses

Try These Natural Remedies for Illnesses

Is it a cold, the flu or just allergies? It can be hard to tell this time of year living in Gainesville. The kids are bringing germs home from school, we are spending a lot of time outdoors and cold and flu season is arriving. We may not want to automatically reach for pharmaceuticals to

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