Why Is It Important To Spend Time with Your Significant Other?

By Morgan Hill
date night

Date night shouldn’t stop once you have a family. It’s important to spend time with your significant other whether you’ve been together for a few months or fifteen years. It can be easy to get into a routine of going to work, taking the kids to school and everything else life throws at your relationship. Stop making up excuses and plan for a date night at least every other week! According to the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project, couple time leads to a higher quality relationship because it fosters higher levels of communication and commitment.

As your family grows older and expands, your lives become increasingly busy with work, school and all the extracurricular activities your kids are involved in. Scheduling time for each other is essential and it can often be pushed to the side due to your busy lives. Date night doesn’t have to be an extravagant event, it can be simple. The important thing is you and your loved one are spending time together. If you don’t want to hire a sitter, turning off your screens (phones, tablets, laptops) and watching a movie or your favorite show after putting the kids to bed can be considered date night. Just focus on each other!

If watching a movie doesn’t sound appealing to you, find something that both of you are interested in. Exercise together, cook something new or start a DIY project to do together to spruce up your home. Teach your children by example and let them know why it is important to spend time with your significant other! 


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