The Year of Ultra Violet

By Giggle Magazine

By Elayza Gonzalez

Say goodbye to the green tones of 2017 and hello to the new Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet! Each year, the Pantone Color Institute identifies the Color of the Year to provide inspiration, influence and strategic direction for the world of design. This year, the color experts chose a color that is reflective of what they believe our world needs today: a higher level of awareness and potential that brings innovation, imagination and new discoveries.

According to Pantone, purple tones used in gathering places energizes people and inspires connections. Here are some ways you can incorporate Ultra Violet into your living spaces and create an atmosphere that inspires the pursuit of discovery, creative expression and spiritual wellness.

Ultra violet accents

Architectural Digest recommends using polarizing colors like Ultra Violet to provide pops of color in a room instead of as the main attraction. Throw pillows, area rugs and cabinet knobs are easy ways to start adding this dramatic color into the mix.

All in the family

Soften the boldness of Ultra Violet by working with other shades in the same color family, such as lilac, blush, mauve and blue.

Go dark and moody

Do not be afraid to embrace other supersaturated dark colors and rich fabrics, which go hand-in-hand with purple’s romantic and regal vibe. Leather, velvet and dark-colored woods complement Ultra Violet well, according to Architectural Digest, creating a dark and moody atmosphere.

From runway to every day

You can also find ways to incorporate Ultra Violet into your daily life this year by incorporating it into your wardrobe. Ultra Violet took the fashion world by storm last year with designers such as Balenciaga, Gucci and Marni using it for inspiration. Beginners can add pops of Ultra Violet to their look with a pair of shoes or dramatic jewelry, while risk takers can go bold with jumpsuits or statement coats.