Tips For Staying Safe This Fourth of July

By Morgan Hill
fourth of july

Independence Day, more commonly known as Fourth of July, brings barbecues, family time, fireworks and lots of red, white and blue. Our nation commemorates our independence with firework displays across the country, and many Americans host their own fireworks show in their own front yard. The fun of setting off your own fireworks comes with several major safety concerns, but it can be done safely. If you choose to set off some fireworks, here’s our tips for staying safe this Fourth of July.

Wear protective gear.

Setting off more than one firework can lead to fireworks falling over, shooting different directions and running into all your friends and family. Set fireworks off a safe distance away from away from homes, brush, trees and people; don’t look directly into the barrel of the fireworks; and if a firework is a dud, do not try and relight it. Stay safe this Fourth of July by wearing protective eye gear, too. The most common type of injury is burn and eye injuries. 

Don’t let kids play with fireworks at all.

A large enough firework could knock a young child over. Even sparklers can reach up to 1800°F, so watch your little ones fingers and arms when they’re waving them around. Keep all fireworks outside with a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case there are any accidents. 

If setting off fireworks on your own isn’t your thing, click here to check out some virtual firework shows online or on TV. You can rest easy and enjoy some time with your family by staying safe this Fourth of July.


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