Top 10 Pool Games of 2019

By Julie Walter

There’s no denying that cooling off in the pool can be one of the best things about summer, but one can only do so many cannonballs before the novelty wears off. Spice up your pool routine with these top 10 pool toys that will keep swimming exciting for the whole summer!  


1. Aqua Golf Price: $42.44


The Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Game can be enjoyed in the pool or in the grass. Practice your mini-golf skills with this portable golf game that you’ll love for sure. This budget-friendly game is perfect for both kids and adults!



2. Inflat-A-Bull Price: $34.99


Ready to release your inner cowboy but aren’t up to the real thing? This inflatable is perfect for you and your family. Hop on, and have your family and friends rock the float as you attempt to hold on. This durable float is fun for all ages.



3. Watermelon Ball JR Price: $19.99


This new game combines components of football, basketball and rugby, and it is perfect for pool parties. The Watermelon ball can be passed up to 8 feet underwater and can even be dribbled. You just have to fill it with water, and you’re ready to rumble!



4. Volleyball Game Set Price: $52.95


Who says volleyball can only be played on the ground? With this volleyball set, you can take the game to the water. Suitable for kids ages 6 and above, this durable set might be exactly what your family needs to beat the heat.



5. Floating Basketball Price: $34.99


Make a splash this summer with a floating basketball set. The sturdy frame is perfect to practice your dunking skills. The two basketballs mean that the game options are endless, so gear up and getting ready for a great game.



6. Log Joust Set Price: $32.77


It’s time to battle it out with this log jousting set! Try to keep your balance on the logs as you attempt to knock your opponent off. Watch your friends and family wipe out while you cool off from the summer heat.



7. Mermaid tail Price: $69.95


Your child’s dream of wanting to become a merman or mermaid can finally come true with this beautiful mer-tail. The sturdy fabric is a cross between a thin wetsuit and a bathing suit. The revolutionary fin will help them glide through the water with ease.



8. UFO Spaceship Squirter Price: $18.34


What’s better than a comfortable pool float and spaceship combined? This UFO will allow you to float around the pool while squirting your enemies with the built-in squirt gun. Your summer will be out of this world with this pool float!



9. Unicorn Pool Float Price: $15.63


This adorable float will be the perfect mystical addition to your pool this summer and is suitable for all ages. The durable vinyl will support your child as they ride their unicorn off into the sunset.



10. Water Wheel Roller Float Price: $32.99


Thought walking on water was impossible? With this water wheel, your children can make it happen. The sturdy PVC construction allows children ages 3 and up to have an incredible pool experience. Affordable and fun this pool toy will be the perfect addition to your summer.