Tweens and Good Tidings Unite

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

 It’s present time! 

Ahh… this is the best. As parents, we just love to see the joy and excitement our tots exude when they tear open those pristinely-wrapped gifts. They squeal and shriek over the newest Barbie®, LEGO® set or maybe that special American Girl Doll®. Gift giving for the youngsters was a breeze, that is… until they hit their tweens. 

In the middle of being your “baby” and your “teen,” these kiddos are in the process of blossoming into their own and changing faster than one can comprehend. So, how do us parents holiday shop for these ever-changing people who one day love their Teddy Bear and the next day vow to never want to see it again? 

It takes a little creativity and thinking outside the box, but gift giving for your tween can be just as much fun and produce just as many “ohhsss,” “ahhhss,” and shrieks as years past! 

Box Subscription

These are so in. Check out brands like Googan Squad (fishing), Ipsy (makeup), Fab Fit Fun (fashion) for ideas for a gift that keeps on giving!

Broadway Show Tickets or Concert Tickets

Do they have a love for the theater or have a favorite band? Present them with Broadway tickets or tickets to a concert when they have a show nearby!
Added gift: Frame a playbill or old ticket stub from eBay of show/band and wrap it up for added gift.

Memberships for Golf Course and Golf Clubs

Have a future Tiger Woods or Nelly Korda in the family? Splurge on a family golf club membership and wrap up some balls and tees with a side of clubs for the holidays!

Gift Card Tree with Their Favorite Restaurants or Shopping Places

Are they an avid shopper who just doesn’t know what they want? Grab a faux tree from Hobby Lobby and attach gift cards in all different increments to their favorite eateries and stores.

New Sports Equipment and Sports Lessons

This is perfect for the kids who have a passion for their sports. Wrap up new sunglasses, gloves, cleats and socks and pair with a month or two of private lessons and training!

Outdoor Experience

Do your kiddos like to fish? Invest in a fishing charter and wrap up a new rod, line, bait and polarized glasses for added flair!


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