Use These Activities To Bring The Whole Family Together!

By Giggle Magazine

The holidays are the perfect time to squeeze in as much together time as possible with those distant relatives and even your own children, as schools are closed and sports and activities generally take a break during this time. But, don’t let the days pass and fill them with TV and Video games. Instead, encourage connecting, sharing and playtime for the whole family!


One of the most popular family activities, who doesn’t like a good ole fashioned game of charades? Kids of all ages can play this easy game of guessing what your acting out.

TIP: Have the kids make up the choices of what to act out.


How many times do you take photos with a phone or camera and lose them to the digital abyss. This year, lay out instant film cameras with plenty of film, and encourage everyone in the family to take photos during their visit. When they develop, hang them up on a piece of twine with mini clothespin for the whole family to enjoy. Before everyone leaves, give them a photo or two to take home or, leave them and add to it next year!


These are a real treat! After dinner, put a popper in between two people. Each person grabs an end of the popper. All at one time, pull them apart. Whoever gets the bigger end, wins the prize inside! Depending on which ones you have, prizes range from whistles to little toy trinkets.


Fill a bag or pillowcase with classic items, such as an apple, ruler, playing card, wooden spoon, toothbrush, a dollar bill, and the like. Have kiddos reach in and grab one and guess which each item is in the bag. Write them down. Whomever has the most items guessed correctly wins!


This is a great game to play with grandparents! Write the names of celebrities, historical figures, superheroes and others on a Post It Note ®. When it is your turn, stick one on your forehead and ask up to 15 “yes” or “no” questions to guess the person on your note. Questions such as “do I sing”, “do I ride a horse”.