Watch These Playful Puffins in a Penguin Live-Stream

By Isabella Sorresso

While most of us are home and practicing social distancing, many zoos and aquariums are currently letting members of the public in on their wildlife through live videos! One that you won’t want to miss is the Georgia Aquarium’s penguin live-stream!

In this penguin live-stream, watch these skilled swimmers navigate the water as they are well-adapted for life in the ocean. According to the Georgia Aquarium, “they have short, strong wings and legs set far back on the body, making them excellent swimmers and divers. However, these same traits make alcids clumsy on land, and make taking flight more challenging.”

The underwater penguin live-stream of puffins swimming around in their enclosure has been a fan favorite, but they also have many more exhibits online to offer! A few other notable live-streams to take a look at are their sea lions, beluga whales and piranhas!

To view the adorable puffins and many more, click here! And, to learn more interesting facts about the puffin, click here!


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