4 Reasons Why Double Dating With Other Parents is Great

By Samantha Bradley
Double Dating With Other Parents

As hardworking parents, we can all use the occasional night out with our significant other and close friends. It doesn’t quite matter if everyone goes to a local sporting event, restaurant, bar or movie theater, all that matters is that it is adults only (and that mask are worn, of course)! Whether you are going out with a single friend, a childless couple or friends with kids, you are bound to enjoy the relaxation time, but there are some definite benefits to double dating with other parents who have children of their own.

You can easily relate to one another

Parents can relate to each other because they understand all of the dedication and hard work that it takes to raise children and how difficult it can be at times.

You can share endless amounts of stories about your children and no one gets bored

All of the funny stories you love to share about your children won’t be a bother. When you are out with other parents, they’ll most likely be sharing the same kinds of stories!

You can check in with the babysitter without being seen as rude

When you are out with other parents, it is no big deal when you have to step away for a few minutes to call the babysitter to check in on the children. They’ll probably take that time to do the same thing!

No one gets mad when you don’t stay out all night

Not staying out all night as a parent is totally understandable. Other parents will get your need to get back home to the kids.

Making time to maintain your friendships once you become a parent is important. Getting some adults only time with friends can help relive some of the stresses of parenthood, and when those friends are parents too, the experience can be even more enjoyable!


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