Winter Wear In Florida!

By Giggle Magazine

Living in the Sunshine State has it’s advantages. Sun, surf and sand all year long. Golf on Thanksgiving, swimming on Christmas…what could be better? We are so lucky to live in paradise…but, even paradise welcomes “Jack Frost” now and then in the Florida winter.

As the holiday season approaches, so do the ever illusive cold mornings. Although short lived, the winter season does show it’s face here in Gainesville, and when it does, it is so important to remember that 40 degrees is 40 degrees and it is time to bundle up those kiddos!

Here is our no-fail winter wear list for getting your family through the cold days of winter here in the Sunshine State:

Bundle in layers:

As the day progresses, it does tend to warm up.

Wear socks!

Keeping the toes warm is essential in the winter.

Use hats and gloves:

Yes, you can buy them in Florida and they should be worn. Again, cold mornings at the bus stop can make for an uncomfortable wait. Bundle the kids up with gloves and hats.

Pull out your scarves:

Fun and colorful, they are great for layering and keeping the back of the neck warm.

Dress in long pants:

Cold kneecaps are not fun!

Put on warm pj’s:

Nights get cold, so make sure to bundle them up after bath time. • Wear tights: Perfect for those cute dresses and will keep legs warm.