10 Jack-O-Lantern Ideas to Try Before Halloween!

By Amanda Roland
Jack-O-Lantern ideas

Halloween is coming up! Can’t decide how to carve or decorate your pumpkin? We’ve got some Jack-O-Lantern ideas for you and your kiddos so you can make your front door or porch shine!


To make these jack-o-lanterns, just get some fabric, lace or ribbon, and cover your pumpkins for a unique look!


These cute jack-o-lanterns are a bit spooky and sweet!


Cut a classic smiley face into your pumpkin this year, and add eyebrows to give it some personality!


Glue and glitter are all you need for these glitzy pumpkins! The perfect idea for a last minute jack-o-lantern!


Do a classic jack-o-lantern with a smirk and a wink to wow your trick-or-treaters!


These grumpy jack-o-lanterns are kinda cute and spooky at the same time!


Get crafty! Use string and nails to create a spider web on your pumpkin! Or, grab some gauze and wrap your pumpkin like a mummy! Don’t forget to give it some eyes though!


Put a creepy crawly spider on your pumpkin this year if you really want to spook your guests!


Get artsy by painting cute scenes on your pumpkins this year!


Last, but not least, a detailed Day of the Dead skull can look great next to anything… even a cute Pikachu!


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