11 #Momlife Tweets That Are So Relatable Right Now

By Amanda Roland
Mom life

#MomLife is always crazy… but with the coronavirus disrupting everything around us, we have reached a new level of crazy! Here are some #MomLife tweets from moms that are going through the same thing you are. We are all in this together!

1. I guess we are homeschool teachers now?

2. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

3. For the mom who needs a break…

4. All I do is snack, snack, snack no matter what!

5. When the tooth fairy needs some time off…

6. They could be fighting over worse things.

7. When screen time becomes your saving grace…

8. You are now the bouncer of the pantry. Nothing gets out without your permission!

9. Will we all get medals after this?

10. When you haven’t put on makeup in days…

11. New rule: Everyday is now pajama day!


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