7 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

Halloween is notorious for being a holiday filled with frights. From haunted houses to scary movies, it can sometimes be too much for little children. These seven family-friendly Halloween movies are all appropriate for children. Some might be a bit scarier than others, but overall, they are perfect for a Halloween-themed family movie night!

“Casper Meets Wendy”

Starring a young Hillary Duff, this movie is about the friendship between a ghost and a witch as they team together to stop a bullying warlock. This one is a kid-friendly film about friendship that still spooks you at times!


Young Marnie has to team together with her siblings, grandmother and eventually her mom to stop the evil that is taking over Halloweentown, emphasizing the importance of family.

“The Haunted Mansion”

When a realtor, played by Eddie Murphy, stops at a mansion, he and his family not only find out it is haunted, but also become trapped inside. Although it may be a bit scary for a younger audience, this movie is perfect for laughing the night away!

“Hocus Pocus”

After finding an abandoned house and freeing three witches, the main characters must stop the evil witches from becoming immortal. A family-friendly film that is bound to fill the room with laughs and questions about superstitions!

“The Nightmare before Christmas”

Jack Skellington, Halloween pumpkin king, has an idea: he is going to kidnap Santa Clause and take over his place in attempt to try something different. This Halloween classic will have the whole family singing along to every song.

“Corpse Bride”

Victor is kidnapped and taken underground by a bride who was murdered after eloping, and needs to get back aboveground before his soon-to-be wife marries an evil villain. This sweet tale of lost love is sure to be a family favorite.

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

The Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween! This is a Halloween classic that is appropriate for all ages. This short film brings forth themes of empathy, integrity and perseverance, perfect for Halloween movie family night!


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