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Get fit as a family

Fitness The Whole Family Can Enjoy

The days are longer and the weather is beautiful, it's time to embrace physical activity together as a family. Here are some easy ways to get everyone inspired to get moving, active and into a healthy mindset. Have a dance… read more


5 Ways to Talk To Your Child About Bullying

As parents, we send our children into the world hoping that they come back every day with more knowledge and more confidence. In some cases, unfortunately, bullying can get in the way. Bullying can have serious short- and long-term effects,… read more

Holiday Crafts

6 Holiday Crafts for Little Hands

The time for decorating is now! Why not have your little ones help with decorations or even create their own holiday crafts? These crafts are so easy that they can be made with even the smallest of hands, but they… read more

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

4 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Soon, families will gather around a table and give thanks for everything they have had this year. Thanksgiving is a time for, in many cases, turkey, mashed potatoes and delicious desserts. It is always exciting for our families to come… read more

Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

7 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

Halloween is notorious for being a holiday filled with frights. From haunted houses to scary movies, it can sometimes be too much for little children. These seven family-friendly Halloween movies are all appropriate for children. Some might be a bit… read more