How to Have Fun in the Kitchen With Your Kids!

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Kitchen With Your Kids

Do you have some kiddos that won’t to get in the kitchen with you? Here are some tips to making sure everything flows smoothly. These are all things that, as an adult, you may not really think about anymore but are essential to a smooth day in the kitchen with your kids.

Be ready to get messy!

Whether you have a toddler or a 9-year-old, things will get messy no matter what. Have paper towels handy in case there is an accident. To give your children a more realistic kitchen experience, have them help you clean up the mess!

Teach proper food hygiene

Make sure you teach them to wash their hands before and after handling food! Do not let them cut cooked food in the same place they chopped raw food. And of course, use your best judgment when deciding if your child should be doing any chopping at all.

Use a stool for the shorties!

One of the most difficult things is to try to cook without reaching the countertop! Make sure that your kids can reach to prevent any accidents, spills or injuries.

Careful with the stove

Make sure any paper or towels are away from the stove. Pot handles should be facing toward the stove to prevent spills. Children should never be left unattended when the stove is on, even if they are not near it. For those who do not feel their kids are ready to handle the stove yet, don’t worry! Below are some stove-less recipes that are still bound to be fun to make.


Easy Recipes to Try With Your Kiddos:

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Try these No-Bake Crushed Cookie Bars, Homemade Mini Pizzas and more!

3 Banana Smoothies Your Kiddos Will Love

These three smoothie recipes will teach your kiddos the importance or eating their fruits and veggies!

These adorable little parfaits will make every moment feel tropical, without the heat of the stove.

Hopefully your Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day won’t be too hectic, but even if it is, make sure it is a fun and delicious experience for the whole family! Bon appétit!


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