Flower Pot Halloween

DIY Flower Pot Halloween Costume

Let your little one go the not-so-spooky route with this adorable DIY Flower Pot Halloween Costume! Look below for easy-to-follow instructions on how to make it!   DIY Flower Pot Halloween Costume Materials Needed Brown leggings Yellow T-shirt Large thin… read more

Jello Desserts

Simple Jello Desserts for Summer

A Dessert That Provokes Jello-sy: Jello is the ultimate snack for the summer, and here at Giggle Magazine you’ll get all the best recipes for them! By Sarah Correa-Dibar I will never forget that one episode of Phineas and Ferb when… read more


Shark Tales: Distinguishing Facts from Fiction

Sharks have a bad reputation. Blame their rows of sharp teeth or the images we’ve been fed through movies like “Jaws.” But they’re not all bad, and they’re completely necessary for the ocean environment. George Burgess, a shark biologist and… read more


Sidewalk Chalk: Creativity Without The Mess!

Sidewalk chalk! The ultimate crafting medium that isn't super messy and can wash off of ~pretty much~ anything! Here are some crafts that involve sidewalk chalk to keep your kiddos busy if they are bored from all this social distancing!… read more

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