5 Ways to Take the Fear out of Losing Teeth

I remember my first wiggly tooth. For days, I feared the inevitable day my mom would yank it from my mouth. Butterflies constantly fluttered in my stomach: every bite, every sip, every tooth-brushing session. Losing teeth was nerve-wracking. However, there… read more

Celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day!

Although it feels like "Random Act of Kindness Day" should be every day, February 17th is the day to celebrate. As a parent, teaching your children how to show kindness to people can be tougher than it sounds. A Harvard… read more

President’s Day: 46 Facts for 46 Presidencies

Feb. 19 is President’s Day - a federal holiday that celebrates the February birthdays of former Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and the lives of all U.S. presidents! It was declared a federal holiday in 1879 by former President… read more

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