origami frog

Make This Origami Frog Craft for Passover

Want a fun craft to make with your kiddos on the last day of Passover? Make these Origami frogs, symbolizing the second plague from Exodus. Your kiddos can play with these little jumpers long after Passover is over. Origami Frogs… read more

Get fit as a family

Fitness The Whole Family Can Enjoy

The days are longer and the weather is beautiful, it's time to embrace physical activity together as a family. Here are some easy ways to get everyone inspired to get moving, active and into a healthy mindset. Have a dance… read more


Moms Need Me Time Too

By Isabella Sorresso Let’s get real, being a mom is not easy. You are constantly monitoring someone else, making sure everyone gets fed and you are being pulled in a million different directions. If you get a chance to sit… read more

Matza brittle

Make Matza Brittle During Passover

For those celebrating Passover, finding unleavened snacks to eat can be hard! Here is a recipe for Matza Brittle that will satisfy your sweet cravings during Passover. Matza Brittle Ingredients: Matza crackers 1/2 cups of margarine 1/2 cup of brown… read more

Empower Your Daughter

How Can You Empower Your Daughter?

Women are incredibly strong. Over the course of our lives, we’ve preserved through a world that is less than accepting by being broad, fearless and unapologetic. It’s important to encourage our young girls to use their voice in a society… read more

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