Fitness The Whole Family Can Enjoy

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Get fit as a family

The days are longer and the weather is beautiful, it’s time to embrace physical activity together as a family. Here are some easy ways to get everyone inspired to get moving, active and into a healthy mindset.

Have a dance party

This does not have to be elaborate — you can just dance in the living room together before dinner. The most important part is that you have fun while getting active. 

Go on pre- or post-dinner walks

As a fun family activity, you can take a stroll around the neighborhood to work up an appetite, or to let your food settle. See who can spot the most pets or who can run the fastest down the street to make the walk more fun for your children.

Transform TV commercials into fitness breaks

If you are a family that must have their TV fix, that is OK. Use that as an opportunity to work out together as a family. Whether it be stretching or strength training, TV time does not have to be couch potato time!

Garden together

Gardening is one of the best ways to develop strength in your kids and have them help you around the house. Have your kids help you water plants or pull weeds, both of which involve lifting and a lot of dedication.

Walk the dog

This one should be a given, but if your children do not usually help with walking the dog then use this day to introduce them to the task. 

Bike together

Grab your bikes (or rent them if you do not have any) and bike around places like Paynes Prairie and the UF campus. You can also stick to your neighborhood, but make sure to stay safe while on open roads.

Family Olympics Day

Host a Family Olympics Day and include games that you used to play as a child: hopscotch, jump rope, capture the flag, and hide and seek.

Whatever activities you choose, make sure that everyone enjoys the day. Exercise is most fun when no one is dreading it!