6 Holiday Crafts for Little Hands

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Holiday Crafts

The time for decorating is now! Why not have your little ones help with decorations or even create their own holiday crafts? These crafts are so easy that they can be made with even the smallest of hands, but they will definitely result in big smiles from both your guests and your little artists, who will be so proud that you let them contribute.

Ice Lanterns

All you need for this DIY decoration is a container, a cup, a freezer and a tea candle. Place the cup in the middle of the container, and fill them both with water. Let it freeze. To un-mold the lanterns, run warm water over the outside of the plastic container. Be sure to have an adult light the candle!

Potato-Stamped Gift Wrap

A potato? Yes, a potato, cut in half then cut into any shape can become a beautiful stamp for your plain wrapping paper. Brushing the paint on the potato instead of dipping it into the paint will create a smoother texture. While an adult should handle all of the potato cutting, your little one can stamp and create designs on the presents that will eventually go under the tree. Find the full tutorial here.

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Take thick felt and cut out various holiday shapes! You can cut out Christmas trees, reindeer, stars, snow flakes and more! Attache a ribbon to the ornament and hand it on the tree.

Gumdrop Snowflakes

Using just toothpicks and gumdrops, children can make a snowflake that they can either give as a gift or devour themselves once they are finished. Learn how to create it here.

Santa Beard

This craft just needs a little prepping before your children can get involved. You will just need to cut out a Santa beard template and glue a popsicle stick to the back of it. Now, let your children get creative! With just cotton balls and glue, they will create a Santa beard like no other, which they can then wear around the house for Christmas!

Handprint Menorah

Paint and paper is all you need to create this colorful craft. Paint your children’s hands and allow them to press them onto colored paper. Then let your children decorate their fingers on the paper as if they were the candles shining bright on a menorah.


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