4 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Soon, families will gather around a table and give thanks for everything they have had this year. Thanksgiving is a time for, in many cases, turkey, mashed potatoes and delicious desserts. It is always exciting for our families to come together, but sometimes picky eaters or boring meals make Thanksgiving a drag for young kids. What better way to please your children than having some fun kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes at the table?

Pumpkin Turkey Muffins

Make a pumpkin muffin even more healthy and appealing by adding fruits and veggies to create a turkey! Not only will children love this snack, but they can also help you with the assembly. Find the recipe on myparenting.org.

Adorable Acorn Cookies

This four-ingredient, no cook recipe will definitely bring some fun to the dinner table and will get your kids helping out in the kitchen without you worrying their safety. The recipe can be found on PoppyTalk.com.

Turkey Rice Krispie Treats

Once you prepare the Rice Krispies treats, your children can go ahead and decorate them to resemble a turkey. It is the perfect dessert to have after a healthy, filling dinner. Your children are guaranteed to gobble them right up! Find the recipe on Shugarysweets.com.

Cinnamon Caramel Apples

These can serve as not only a Thanksgiving dessert but also as a fall dessert in general. What is fun about this recipe from Bakingdom.com is that the apples can easily be made vegan/diary-free simply by substituting two ingredients.

Spice things up with these new kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes at the table this year. Your kids are sure to love eating them as much as you enjoy making them!


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