ACPS Cancel EDEP and Camp Crystal Summer Programs

By Amanda Roland
summer programs

Alachua County Public Schools just announced that both the Extended Day Enrichment and Camp Crystal summer programs are canceled.

“This was a hard decision because these programs are so popular with children and families,” Superintendent Karen Clarke said in a press release. “But the safety and well-being of students and staff has to take priority.”

Many parents had already decided to not allow their children to participate in these summer programs due to COVID-19. The program directors and Alachua County Health Department both agreed that canceling the summer programs was the safest option for all involved.

“Camp Crystal will be providing refunds to families, while those who registered for EDEP may receive a refund for anything they have already paid or receive credit toward next year’s program,” according to the press release.

The program staff will be reaching out to families directly with more details.


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