ACPS Food and Nutrition Services Work to Get Food To Local Families

By Amanda Roland
food and nutrition

The Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) Food and Nutrition Services work to provide families in Alachua County with plenty of food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the meals that ACPS students already receive through their schools, ACPS distributed 155,522 meals across the county this week, according to Jackie Johnson, Public Information Officer for ACPS.

“Our Food and Nutrition Services staff continue to do a fantastic job of preparing and distributing the meals, with the help of bus drivers who are helping get those meals to those sites we have set up at bus stops in high needs neighborhoods,” Johnson said. The Food and Nutrition Services staff also trained 200 paraprofessionals volunteers to help with the distribution of food.

After getting a call from the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, ACPS also helped distribute fresh produce to local families.


“Beginning early Friday morning, we picked up, sorted, bagged and then distributed about 1,200 bags of produce at some of our highest needs sites so families would have some additional and healthy food for the week,” Johnson said. “This took additional district staff, and we are proud of the staff from our Warehouse, from our Facilities and Transportation departments and district staff who pitched in to make this happen on a short time frame — including Superintendent Karen Clarke.”


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