ACPS Launches New User-Friendly COVID Dashboard

By Amanda Roland
User-Friendly COVID Dashboard

Alachua County Public Schools has updated their website to have a more user-friendly COVID Dashboard for students, families and the general public. Now it will be easier to get information on COVID-19 cases in local schools.

“The new dashboard includes additional information on monthly, weekly, even daily trends in cases going back to the first day of school,” according to an ACPS press release. “Users can view that information by school, by school level (elementary, middle, high) and broken down by students and employees. They can also see the number of students and staff quarantined districtwide on any given day.”

Another new feature added to the user-friendly COVID Dashboard is the ability to see what percentage of students are in brick-and-mortar schools, Digital Academy or Alachua eSchool. The information on the dashboard will be updated daily.

“Our public schools work best when the community is informed and engaged,” said Prescott Cowles, who works in the district’s Public Information Office and developed the new dashboard. “My hope is that the dashboard can be a tool that families and staff can use to keep a pulse on the impact of COVID-19 in our schools.”

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