ACPS Rezoning Update and New Terwilliger Elementary Location

By Amanda Roland
ACPS rezoning

After a special rezoning meeting yesterday, January 13, Alachua County Public School (ACPS) has decided that Terwilliger Elementary School will move into the new Elementary School I, and district-wide ACPS rezoning will hopefully be completed by fall 2022.

According to Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon in an email to families, this is the first step in a historic journey for students, staff and the community. She says there are two key reasons for this decision, one being the financial pay off, and the other being the opportunity to rezone to ensure every student has equal opportunities for high-quality education.

Coming this summer, the school board plans to launch a community engagement campaign where the community can share input on the matter since the ACPS rezoning decision is so monumental.

“We’ll certainly be sharing more information with you and the entire community as we get closer to beginning this process,” according to Simon’s email. “In the meantime, if you have an interest in applying for a zoning exemption for your child to attend Terwilliger/Elementary School I for the 2021-22 school year, please feel free to visit or call our Office of Student Assignment at (352) 955-7700.”

Click here to watch the recorded version of the meeting from January 13.


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