ACPS Will Hold Workshop on July 15 to Discuss School Reopening Details

By Amanda Roland
School Reopening Details

On Wednesday, July 15, Alachua County Public Schools will hold a workshop/special meeting at 4 p.m. to discuss school reopening details, such as mask requirements and other opening issues.

Superintendent Karen Clarke will discuss recommendations for school reopening matters, and the school board will vote on these matters.

One recommendation is that staff and students wear masks during school and on the school bus. Some exceptions could be made based on medical history and age.

“We’ve heard from many families that they would feel more comfortable with a return to brick-and-mortar schools if masks were required,” said Superintendent Karen Clarke in a press release. “We’ve developed a draft policy that has been reviewed and approved by the Alachua County Health Department.”

The other recommendation is that the county’s start of the school year be postponed to August 24 instead of August 10.

“In light of these new requirements and all the planning and preparation that will need to be done, including staff training, we think it’s best to delay the return of students until the 24th,” said Clarke in the press release. 

To review the workshop/special meeting agenda and to find out how to watch the meeting about school reopening details, click here!


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