Lindsey Johnson

Preparing the Perfect Play Space

Whether you have a whole room or a corner nook, designating a space for your child’s toys and playthings can help the house stay organized and give your child a specific place to play.  When planning your space, consider safety… read more

Parenting Through Periods

Many of us can remember the moment we got it. Maybe we were at cheerleading practice, getting ready for school or even worse, in the middle of an exam. No, I am not talking about the flu, but one of many… read more

What Type of Parent Are You?

Illustrations by Anibal Rodriguez and Megan Sapelak Researchers have identified four primary parenting styles that classify most parents and the way they raise their children. While there is no perfect parent, researchers have also uncovered certain long-term traits of children associated… read more

The Importance of Teaching Body Positivity

Children learn how to operate in the world based largely upon the influence of their parents and the examples they set. American culture and media messages place emphasis on certain (often unhealthy) body ideals that children may internalize. By discussing… read more

Trifles: Layers of Deliciousness

Trifles are a tasty dessert that are also beautiful! This Valentine’s Day, dress up your party table with these seasonal delights, either in a full sized trifle dish or an individual serving cup.  RED VELVET TRIFLE Bring Valentine’s red to… read more