The Magic of Bubbles

By Lindsey Johnson

We remember the days of chasing bubbles around the yard without a care in the world. What makes bubbles so magical for kids of all ages? 

Bubbles are not just fun, they are also an important part of a child’s development. According to Sensory Lifestyle, an online resource to teach parents evidence-based play techniques, bubbles provide a benefit for several different aspects in development. Blowing and chasing bubbles assists with both fine and gross motor skills, oral motor skills, visual tracking, hand eye coordination and a tactile experience. Bubbles also encourage kids to be active while they chase the bubbles that blow away and jump to catch them. When blowing bubbles with a parent or friend, it also encourages communication and dialogue. And we thought they were just fun to pop! 

Check out these ideas for making bubbles both fun and educational! 

  1. Count the bubbles. 
  2. Make bubble wands in different shapes. 
  3. Create bubble wands out of different household items and get creative! (pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, etc.) 
  4. Practice body part recognition by popping bubbles with your elbow, your ear, your head! 
  5. Have kids help create the bubble solution and use math skills to measure. 
  6. Ask kids to hypothesize how far the bubbles will travel or which bubble will go the furthest. 
  7. Give instructions such as “pop the largest bubble” or “pop 3 small bubbles.” 
  8. Observe and describe the colors seen within the bubbles. 
  9. Test how bubbles respond to blowing softly versus vigorously. Have your child hypothesize first, then test the theory! 


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