Trace Ferguson

Little kid in Snow White costume holding dad's hand trick or treating

Letting Your Child Trick-Or-Treat Alone

Halloween can be a spooky and exciting time for children and parents alike. As kiddies grow into adolescents, it is almost a guarantee that they will want more independence than ever before. When they reach those prime tween-age years, they… read more

Fun Summer Reads For All Ages

As a parent, you don’t want your kids to be bored over summer break. You also don’t want their boredom to lead to reading loss, which can happen when your child does not read for a few months. To help… read more

Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids

Summer break is just about over, which means that your kids are gearing up to start the new school year! It also means that moms are running around in a frenzy trying to get everything on the school supply list.… read more