Calling All Teachers!

By Amanda Roland

Calling all teachers! We have created a “Teacher Tips” video series to help our local families navigate these choppy waters of “at-home schooling”.

We are looking for YOU, the amazing teachers of Alachua County, both from the private and public arena, that would like to share their helpful tips with parents who are “at-home schooling” their kids for the first time. Please fill out the form below if you would like to be involved with our Teacher Tips Video Series!

A note from our Publisher:

We are so lucky to have a community of amazing teachers, both in the private and public arena, that have amazing talents, tips and tricks pouring out of them like an overstuffed silly putty container. We want to help our parents learn from you and benefit from your years of teaching our children!

Do you have tips and tricks to share with our parents? We are looking for current Alachua County public and private teachers/educators to help us with our new YouTube series called “Giggle Teacher Tips.” On our channel, we are presenting easy-to-do tips and tricks to help parents along during the time of having kids at home doing school work. You are the experts.

We need your help!

The ask… 

We are asking our local teachers to volunteer to record yourself, at home or in the classroom, and share a 2 minute or less tip with parents to help with their kiddos while at home and navigating “at-home schooling.” It can be a craft, a learning style or tip, a way to get them to focus, a formula you use for bathroom breaks… anything at all. It can be for any level, we will monitor it and advertise it accordingly.

What are we going to do with the video?

We will edit it, advertise it and get it out on our social media, YouTube channel and website for all of Alachua County parents to benefit from. Will be add your name, what school you are from etc.

Is there a cost to do this? 

No! This is completely voluntary and a service we want to share with our parents. There is no fee for you or your school.

Once you fill out the form below, I will be in contact with you and send further directions and “how-to’s” for filming and a list of already completed tips.

Thank you so much!



AKA: Current at-home schooling mommy!

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