Remedies For Stinky Feet

“From head to toe” takes on a literal meaning in the Florida heat when it comes to sweat. Back-to-school is the season of heightened activity in kids, and, combined with the 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, the perfect concoction… read more

Are Your Makeup Brushes Spreading Germs?

No one would ever think of rubbing their clean face on a public, or even private, toilet seat. However, a recent study by Suhail Alam, MD, at the Aventus Clinic has found that our makeup brushes contain more bacteria than,… read more

Snail and Gnome Halloween

DIY Snail and Gnome Halloween Costume

Looked for some super easy costumes to make for you kiddos? How about a matching set? These matching Snail and Gnome Halloween costumes are so cute, and they can be made with things that you already have at home! DIY… read more

When Your Teen is the Passenger

When Marlo Walpole’s son began driving, she had some ground rules for him. Among them were no cell phone use, no driving to a location she did not approve, and he needed to tell her when he left and when… read more

The Truth About Oral Thrush

No one wants to see velvety white spots growing in their baby’s mouth. But, if you notice this sign, chances are your baby may have something called oral thrush. Noticing this might confuse and worry parents. But oral thrush is extremely common… read more

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