When Your Teen is the Passenger

When Marlo Walpole’s son began driving, she had some ground rules for him. Among them were no cell phone use, no driving to a location she did not approve, and he needed to tell her when he left and when… read more

The Truth About Oral Thrush

No one wants to see velvety white spots growing in their baby’s mouth. But, if you notice this sign, chances are your baby may have something called oral thrush. Noticing this might confuse and worry parents. But oral thrush is extremely common… read more


Getting Your Kids Involved in Triathlons

If you watched the Olympics last summer, you may have seen USA triathlete Katie Zaferes win bronze for the United States — or heard about crazy triathletes completing an Ironman in Hawaii. The sport can seem inaccessible, but triathlon is… read more

Enter To Win!

Enter to win a copy of Jennifer L. Scott's  book, “Connoisseur Kids.” “Connoisseur Kids” encourages parents and younger children to work together on a wide range of topics including communication, table manners, tidiness, thinking of others, grooming and health. Complete… read more

Tweens and Good Tidings Unite

 It’s present time!  Ahh… this is the best. As parents, we just love to see the joy and excitement our tots exude when they tear open those pristinely-wrapped gifts. They squeal and shriek over the newest Barbie®, LEGO® set or… read more

Free Reading and Writing Parent Workshop

Alachua County Public Schools and the Alachua County Council of PTAs are hosting a FREE online event for parents titled “Dyslexia and Dysgraphia: An Insight for Parents.”This workshop is for the families of all Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students on Individualized… read more

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