Are Pacifiers Good For Babies?

Pacis, loveys, binkeys, babas—they are known by many names (known as “wubby” among my kids), but all refer to the infamous pacifier. The pacifier is an instrument that allows your baby to self-soothe by sucking. According to the National Institute… read more

Pregnancy and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When we consider the aches and pains of pregnancy, we usually think about an aching back or swollen ankles. However, many women experience pain in an unexpected place: their wrists. Prevalence The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes defines… read more

Preparing for Your Annual Homeschool Evaluation

An annual homeschool evaluation reviews your homeschooling program to ensure that it meets the requirements set by the state. Preparing for a yearly homeschool evaluation can be a stressful experience for both parents and students. However, with careful planning and… read more

4 Additives to Remove From Your Diet

We all know that fresh is best when it comes to food. The more natural it is, the higher the likelihood our bodies can tolerate it. However, since World War II, our culture has ingrained processed foods into our daily… read more

Energy Drinks: Our Youth’s Latest Health Scare

Energy drinks are everywhere. From convenience stores to pharmacies, they are ever-increasing in popularity, particularly with our children. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 50% of kids between the ages of 12 and… read more

Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Image by Tanya Consaul Photography It’s been over four years since Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. There isn’t a moment that our entire family is not living with the disease. Pumps, syringes, vials, beeps, alarms, meters and worry… read more

Protecting Your Family Against the Whooping Cough

From the common cold to chickenpox, children pick up all kinds of illnesses—whooping cough is one of them. This highly contagious respiratory tract infection, also known as pertussis or “the 100-day cough,” causes an intense hacking cough, according to Mayo Clinic.… read more

Remedies For Stinky Feet

“From head to toe” takes on a literal meaning in the Florida heat when it comes to sweat. Back-to-school is the season of heightened activity in kids, and, combined with the 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, the perfect concoction… read more

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