Celebrate National Waffle Day on August 24!

By Amanda Roland


This weekend, we get to celebrate one of my favorite things: Waffles! National Waffle Day is on August 24, and I’m so glad there is a whole day dedicated to this delectable breakfast food. Waffles are fluffy, can hold copious amounts of syrup and can be the perfect landing place for delish things like sweet berries or fried chicken. Here in Gainesville, we have so many great spots that serve up some mean waffles, and I’d love to share my favorite places with you!

Maple Street Biscuit Company

Some people might think that Maple Street only does biscuits —but that would be false! Maple Street has a whole menu with a variety of breakfast food that will make your mouth water, and one of the best things that they have is their waffles. Have fun choosing between their savory waffles with bacon and cheese mixed into the batter; their classic chocolate chip waffles topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream; or their amazing chicken and waffles. Trust me, it’s a hard decision. Maple Street Biscuit Company could be where you spend national Waffle Day this Saturday. Go check them out!

Metro Diner 

Metro Diner is one of my dad and I’s favorite breakfast spots. Their classic diner feel makes for a great atmosphere and great food. Their fruity waffle is the perfect sweet breakfast treat, and I like to order some bacon on the side just for fun. Metro also has a waffle on the kid’s menu so that your kids can celebrate with you! 

Keke’s Breakfast Café

If you are looking for a waffle that is bigger than your head, then you should go to Keke’s. Keke’s has a huge menu with more than 10 different waffles with delicious topping combinations and whipped cream. My absolute favorite waffle that they have is the banana, nut and caramel waffle —it is basically dessert for breakfast, which could never be a bad thing. Keke’s also has a kid’s menu so your little one can get in on the fun!