The Importance of Cooking with Your Kids

By Amanda Roland
girl holding eggs on her eyes

Inviting your kids into the kitchen is a great way to bond with them while teaching them important skills. Here are some important things to remember when it comes to cooking with kids!

Encourage Them to get Their Hands Dirty
It’s no secret that kids love to get messy, so why not let them get a little messy in the kitchen. After they wash their hands, put them in an apron and let them get their hands dirty with making hamburger patties or kneading sugar cookie dough. For younger kids especially, activities like these allow them to use touch and smell, which will improve their sensory skills. Just remind your kiddos of the importance of washing your hands to prevent germs from spreading and cross contamination.

Let Them Snack on What They are Making
Letting your helpers snack on what they are preparing will only make them more excited to try the finished product. If your child is a stubborn eater, let them help with cooking. It’s an easy way to let them take ownership of something, and they will feel accomplished when they can dine upon their creation. They could also discover a favorite flavor or food that they never tried before.

Use the Time in the Kitchen to Talk about Healthy Eating
Learning how to cook hearty and healthy meals is a life skill that will never go out of style. Use this time you have in the kitchen to teach your kids how to cook and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let them know that veggies are must in every meal, coconut oil is better for you than canola oil and baked chicken can be even tastier than fried! If you instill these practices into them when they are young, they will carry what they learned from you into adulthood for their own families.

Cooking dinner should be a family affair! Let the kids in the kitchen, and enjoy the smiles.


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