4 Tips to Help Your Family Cope With Election Anxiety

By Amanda Roland
Cope With Election Anxiety

Election Day is coming up, and for many people, the political season brings a lot of anxiety and stress. And, even for your kiddos who can’t vote yet, they can feel when their parents are anxious. Help your family cope with election anxiety with these tips!

Limit Your News Consumption

With all the presidential debates, campaign commercials, social media ads and more, no one can escape from hearing political talk nowadays. To give yourself and your family a political detox, limit your political media consumption to about an hour a day. This will allow your brain more time to think about other things in your life, not just politics.

Unfollow People

Social media is a great tool that connects us all together, but it is also a bulletin board for everyone’s thoughts. If you are friends with or follow someone who is posting political opinions that get under your skin and make you angry, you have every right to unfollow them. This is another way of detoxing negativity from your life, which will make your family life all the better.

Try Exercising

Exercise is a great way to release stress, anxiety and even anger! Get the whole family together, and instead of turning on the news, take a walk, go play basketball or go on a bike ride. Not only will this allow you all to blow off some steam, but it will allow your mind to stop thinking about today’s political climate for a couple of hours.

Eat a Balanced Diet

While this tip might be the hardest of all, it is one of the most important. Eating a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals can help reduce the amount of anxiety that you experience on a daily basis, according to Harvard Health. Foods high in zinc, omega-3s, probiotics, B vitamins and magnesium can all lead to a healthier, anxiety-free life for your whole family! Try adding these nutrient-dense foods into your diet during election season and all year long: leafy greens, salmon, asparagus, avocados whole grains, kefir, beans and berries just to name a few.


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