Crafting With Katie: Summer Flamingo Craft

By Katie Osterhout
Summer flamingo craft

Sum-Sum Summertime! School is out, warm weather is here and Floridians can be found outdoors enjoying our surroundings all summer long. Those surroundings, of course, include many wonderful and unique native birds. I’m sure I’m not alone in picking the beautiful flamingo as a favorite! Our handprint flamingo craft for the summer honors these elegant and popular birds. It is also a great one to hang on the wall to add some color and sweetness to your summer decor.

How to create your own flamingo craft:


  • Choose your favorite pink and add a sideways handprint on a canvas, thumb pointing downward.
  • Use the same pink paint to add an s-shaped neck.
  • Add orange for the legs and black for the beak and eye. We chose to go with two flamingos, facing one another for a little nuzzle.
  • Do you have a large flock? Consider getting a longer canvas and have each child add a handprint. Line them up in a row, listing the child’s name and age.

Why a canvas?

This gives your keepsake a much longer life than a sheet of cardstock and allows for a formal wall hanging. They also make awesome gifts if you want to knock out birthday and holiday presents over the summer!

Fun Fact:

A gathering of flamingos is called a flamboyance!

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