Sidewalk Chalk: Creativity Without The Mess!

By Amanda Roland

Sidewalk chalk! The ultimate crafting medium that isn’t super messy and can wash off of ~pretty much~ anything! Here are some crafts that involve sidewalk chalk to keep your kiddos busy if they are bored from all this social distancing!

Gather Your Supplies!

Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk

Colorations Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola chalk

Crayola Washable Chalk

Draw Yourself Challenge

Armed with chalk in an assortment of colors, take your kiddos out to the driveway or sidewalk to challenge them to draw themselves. Tell them to draw a life-size version of themselves on the sidewalk doing their favorite activity like playing soccer, singing or dancing. If you have multiple children, have a contest to see who can draw the best version of themselves. If they really love this activity, have them draw mom, dad, grandpa or grandma! 

Color On The Fence 

If you have a large fence surrounding your back yard, this makes a perfect washable canvas for chalk! Take some painters tape and tape off a design or pattern on the fence. Let your kiddos have fun with colors as they color in the design you made. When they are done, peel off the painters tape to reveal the completed masterpiece! When they are all done, take a picture before you spray it off with the water hose.  

Tic Tac Toe Tournament

This classic game becomes even more fun when you use chalk! Gather the family outside to have a tic tac toe tournament on the driveway concrete. Draw out multiple tic tac toe boxes, pair up and keep playing until there is one victorious winner! 

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