DIY No-Sew Witch Tutu (and Broomstick!)

By Giggle Magazine
No-Sew Witch Tutu

Make this adorable no-sew witch tutu  and broom stick to complete your little witch’s costume this year! You may even have most of the supplies already at your house!

No-Sew Witch Tutu


You’ll need:


  • Crochet elastic ribbon or a premade crochet headband
  • Four to five spools of Black 3″ Matte Tulle, 25 feet each


  • Large stick for handle; we found ours at Hobby Lobby
  • Smaller sticks/twigs for brush; found at Hobby Lobby
  • Faux lavender
  • Twine
  • Glue gun


How to make:


  1. Cut and secure your waistband. Elastic ribbon is very stretchy, so you won’t need as much as you think! Use an extra piece of tulle to secure the pieces in the back.
  2. Cut your strips of tulle. Each strip will need to be double the length you want for the skirt.
  3. Wrap your elastic around something big, such as a chair back. Starting at one end of the elastic, fold your tulle in half and pull the folded end through the first gap in the elastic. Pull the end of the tulle through itself into a lark’s head knot. Repeat around the entire bottom row of the elastic. If you want the tutu to be fuller, repeat the process on the next row above.
  4. When the tutu is complete, place around the waist and use the extra piece of tulle to tie the back closed. You can also use a piece of ribbon.


  1. Determine the length you’d like the broom to be; you may have to saw off a portion of the stick if you would like it shorter.
  2. Bunch the smaller sticks and twigs around the end of the handle. Let some of the handle go down into the smaller twigs for stability. Use twine or rubber bands to secure the sticks in place.
  3. Pull the lavender apart into individual stems. From the bottom, work each piece up into the brush portion of the broom.
  4. Wrap a large piece of twine around the top of the brush portion, and use a glue gun periodically to secure the twine. Once it is fully wrapped, glue the end of the twine down.


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