DIY Pumpkin and Candy Corn Halloween Costumes

By Amanda Roland
Pumpkin and Candy Corn Halloween

Want to get the look that our Cover Cuties wore on the front of our Fall Issue? Look below to learn how to make these adorable DIY Pumpkin and Candy Corn Halloween costumes!


DIY Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkin Headband Supplies:

  • Black headband
  • Orange felt
  • Brown felt
  • Orange thread
  • Needle
  • Polyester Pillow Filling
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue
Pumpkin Headband Instructions:
  1. Cut a small circle out of your orange felt. Make sure your circle is around 3-4 inches in diameter. The smaller your circle is, the smaller the pumpkin will be. (It is ok if the circle is not perfect).
  2. Insert the thread through the needle, make sure you have about an arm’s length of thread, cut the thread and tie two knots at the end.
  3. Thread the needle through the felt, about a centimeter from the edge of the circle. Alternating between entering the needle from the top and the bottom of the felt, thread all along the outside of the circle until you are back at the starting point.
  4. Pull the thread until the felt bunches up and creates a pocket. Fill that small area with pillow filling, pull the thread tighter to close the space, and thread one last time to join the beginning and the end. Cut the thread. Make two knots to secure it. You should see a tiny opening and bit of the pillow filling.
  5. Flip the felt mound over. Make two new knots at the end of your thread. Push the needle through the bottom (where the filling is) and through the top of the felt mound. Pull the thread through. Bring your needle around and under the mound, and pierce through an area of felt close to the center and through the top of the mound. Continue this process all the way around to make the ridges in your pumpkin. Be sure to space out your string lines and have about 7-8 sections of the pumpkin ridges. When you are finished, cut the string and tie two knots.
  6. Cut out a tiny circle about 1 inch in diameter from your excess orange felt and hot glue to the bottom of the mound to cover the pillow filling.
  7. Cut a very small rectangle, about the width of two thumb nails, from the brown felt. Cut about three inches of the green pipe cleaner. Bend up one end of the pipe cleaner to the height of the brown rectangle. Curl the rest of the pipe cleaner around your finger for a nice curl. Wrap and twist the brown felt around the small bent-up end of the pipe cleaner to create a twisted stem for the pumpkin. Hot glue the end of the brown felt together to hold it.
  8. Hot glue the stem onto the pumpkin, placing the bottom end (where the green pipe cleaner comes out of the stem) down onto the top of the pumpkin.
  9. Hot glue the pumpkin onto the headband.

Pumpkin Outfit Supplies:

  • Dark Green felt
  • Light green felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Safety pins
  • Orange jumper skirt
  • White turtleneck shirt
  • Dark green tights
  • Optional: Face paint leaves!
Pumpkin Leaves Instructions:
  1. Cut leaves out of the dark green felt. Make the leaves as small or as large as you wish.
  2. Cut the stem lines for the leaves out of the light green felt. You can also use fabric paint and paint these on!
  3. Hot glue the pieces together and safety pin them to the jumper.


DIY Candy Corn Costume

  • Candy Corn Shirt Supplies:
  • White Tee shirt
  • Orange Tee shirt 
  • Fabric Scissors 
  • Iron
  • Hot glue or sewing supplies
Candy Corn Shirt Instructions:
  1. Lay out the orange t-shirt and iron until flat. Cut the fabric in half horizontally. Fabric scissors work the best and will give you the cleanest cut. Throw away the top section of the shirt.
  2. Lay out the white t-shirt and iron until flat. Lay the bottom section of the orange shirt on top of the white t-shirt. Use this as a guide and cut the white shirt in half.
  3. So that no seams are showing when the shirt is on, make sure you turn the two pieces inside out before you begin to hot glue or sew the shirts together. Lining up the shirts while turned inside-out, pinch the fabrics together towards you and begin to sew or glue together all the way around the shirt. Flip the shirt right side out.
  4. Iron the shirt so that the seam is a straight line and finish the look by pinning felt candy corn to the corner.
Candy Corn Outfit Supplies:
  • White Felt
  • Orange Felt
  • Yellow Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Yellow Pants
  • White shoes
  • Optional: White hat
Felt Candy Corn Instructions:
  1. Take the yellow felt and cut out a tall triangle with rounded edges. We made our candy corns about 2 inches tall.
  2. Place the yellow triangle on top of the orange felt. Using the yellow triangle as a guide, cut out an orange triangle. Repeat with the white felt to make a white triangle.
  3. Cut the white triangle about ⅓ of the way down. Place that white piece on top of the yellow triangle.
  4. Place the orange triangle on top of both the white triangle and the white piece. Using these as guides, cut the orange triangle right under the white piece and about ⅔ of the way down the orange triangle to make the center section.
  5. Before hot gluing the pieces together, use these sections as guides to cut out duplicate pieces for the second shoe, and the candy corn pin for the shirt. (3 sets of each piece)
  6. Hot glue the pieces together and then hot glue or pin the top of the shoes.


1st photo- Jimmy Jo Photography
2nd and 3rd photos- Anna Morera

Makeup and Face paint by Kara Winslow
On Location at Langan Acres


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