DIY Tabletop Garden

By Amanda Roland
Tabletop Garden

Creating a tabletop garden is the perfect way to unleash your child’s inner green thumb. Start by having them choose an assortment of low-maintenance house plants that will do well in natural light. Next have them choose fun pots or cups to replant them in. If you have some old coffee or teacups, these are perfect! Replant and set in a simple tabletop greenhouse by a natural light source. Have your kiddos water and maintain their new plants, and watch them grow!

DIY Tabletop garden

What you’ll need:

Greenhouse, You can get a mini green house from places like Ikea; $19.99

Gold decor, Gold bowls and dishes can be found at Target, $12.50

White pots, Ikea; $3.99

Succulents, Amazon; pack of 5 for $13.95

Small Plants, Amazon; Prices vary

Arrange your tabletop garden however you’d like inside your mini greenhouse! Make sure to position your tabletop garden somewhere that gets some natural light, and don’t forget to water your plants accordingly. All that’s left to do is to admire your botanical creation.


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