Make These Easy DIY Thanksgiving Cards With Your Kiddos!

By Amanda Roland
DIY Thanksgiving Cards

Help your kiddos express their thankfulness this year with these super cute and easy DIY Thanksgiving cards. You can send them in the mail or hand deliver them to your friends and family!



Cut a 4×6 inch rectangle out of any fall-colored construction paper to make the card base. Then, cut these shapes out of paper: a half-circle out of brown construction paper for the turkey’s body, a small circle out of dark orange paper for the head, two very small circles out of white paper for the eyes and a small triangle out of bright orange paper for the beak.

First, cut the turkey’s “feathers” out of different colored construction paper; you will need about nine to 10 feathers. Then, glue down your feathers in a fan-like shape. These will go behind the body of the turkey. Next, using craft tape or glue, stick down the body of the turkey on top of the feathers lining it up with the bottom edge of the card. Then, glue on the head of the turkey, followed by eyes and beak (use card photo for reference.) Finally, write “Gobble, Gobble!” across the top of your card, and you are done!

DIY Thanksgiving Cards


Cut a 4×6 inch rectangle out of any fall-colored construction paper to make the card base. With a marker or pen, write “________ is thankful for…” on the top of the card. Next, cut out about eight paper hearts to glue on to the card. Have your kiddo fill in their name on the top of the card, and in each heart, they can write what they are thankful for. After your kiddo has filled in every heart, they are done!

DIY Thanksgiving Cards


In the top left, write “To: __________” so that your kiddo can address who the card is for. Under that, draw in five or six lines so that your kiddo has a guide to write a sweet note to the recipient of the card. In the bottom right of the card, write “From: ____________” so that they can sign their name.


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