Enroll Your Little Wizards in Hogwarts Classes Online

By Amanda Roland
Hogwarts Classes Online

Many kiddos are already obsessed with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but you can help grow their excitement by enrolling them in actual Hogwarts classes online at hogwartsishere.com!

Your little wizards can take courses like History of Magic, Potions 101 and Defense Against the Dark Arts just to name a few. They can also compete in competitions, collect house points and play with friends online!

Hogwarts is Here (HiH) is an online Harry Potter fan community that creates online experiences for other fans.

“HiH is an additional online component to the normal magical curriculum. It is completely self-paced, meaning that the bookish Ravenclaws are welcome to whiz through a course in an afternoon, and those that prefer a more relaxed pace (or have a busy schedule) can take all the time they need,”, according to their website. “There are seven core courses, supplemented with many more extracurriculars you can take as Second Years and beyond.”

Click here to find out how to create an account and enroll your kiddos in some magical Hogwarts classes online!


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